Which is a must do, white or traditional wedding?

White wedding is not a must among African Christian couples. 

I will like to use Scriptural language to explain this short mystery on marriage, especially the marriage in Africa today.

After the Lord scattered the people from the tower of babel abroad all over the the face of all the earth, each group that understood each other set up triber laws to guid and keep them together and since the scattering of the people from the tower of babel, triber and cultural laws also known as tradition has never  come to total agreement with other traditional laws, because the moment it does, the long abandoned tower of babel will be rebuilt, that’s one reason why cultural laws can never be the same, no matter how hard men try.

And in marriage, when God scattered the people, every tribe set up a strict order or traditional principles according to their understanding and beliefs to guide them into proper marriage among themselves.

The blacks set there own laws or tradition to guide them in marriages, while the white also set up their own laws or tradition to also guide them in marriages.

Since God Himself was the one who scattered the people, no tradition will ever submit to another.

What’s marriage?

Marriage is a forever union between a man and a woman till death.

That’s the reason why some culture permit people to marry without the consent of anybody including the parents.

But in Africa, a man is to pay certain amount of money or bring certain iterms to the parents of the wife as demanded by the wife’s parents before the wife will be officially handed over to the wife.

God does not cover sin

According to the african culture, it’s the parents that has the right as given by God to bless the children marriage  Unless one is an orphan, You can’t bypass your parents because you are a Christian and marry your wife in the Church without your parents concern and expect God to hear that prayers and bless your marriage except your parents are totally against God’s will in your life.


Our place as servants of God in marriages

is not to give anyone into marriage but to be a guide over your marriage, to ensure that all Scriptural standard for marriage is fully followed as written in the scripture and not to take the place of your biological or foster parents.


When does marriage take place?

Many people think marriage is when your parents or spiritual leaders declared you married that you are married, that’s totally wrong,  the very moment you have sex with someone that very moment you are automatically married and become one flesh with that person.