Poverty is never a curse as people thought, rather it is the inability to utilize ability that makes a man rich. Because you can’t be defeated until you fail to utilize your potentials.

Every person on earth is unique, but the inability to discover yourself and the potentials in you devalues you before people and when you are devalued you are worthless and when you are worthless, you are useless and when you are useless, you are needless and when no man needs you service you end up in poverty. People do not pay you because you are handsome or beautiful, you are paid for the service you are rendered.

we are made in the image of God which means we are made into a picture or a copy of God, it means that everyone of us has a creativity ability inside of us, because God is the creator of heaven earth, and  everything that is therein therefore we are created to be great.

An ATM card is of no use for you if you do not know the pin code. Therefore failure to decode the gift or talent God hath coded in you before you were born will make you as a fish, but suffer lack of water amidst of the ocean.

Your greatness is in you, in what you can do with your life. Nobody is disable unless you are mentally disorganized.

 No human being is completely successful in all the branches of the body at all time, is either you made it by using the mouth or leg, why another made it by using the hands or using his or her wisdom to invents.

You are what you think; the greatness of a man can only be trace by the content of his or her mine.

The word of God says as a man think in his heart so he is,

Ten keys to make you rich;

  1. Discover yourself: To be rich in life it simply means to be self satisfied, and no man on earth will ever be satisfied, until you do what you know how to do best or what you are created by God to do. Peter’s profession was fishing, but the day he discovered Christ the son of God he was given the ways of the kingdom to open and to luck. Revelation gives you identification and identification releases the keys of the kingdom. If you don’t know what you are carrying you will deliver nothing.

  2. Understanding: What you do not understand is bigger than you. If you can understand you will comprehend, when you comprehend you will apply and when you apply in wisdom you will be successful.

  3. Ability to think fast: Opportunity is always where you are but ability to use them is what you lack, if you can think you will turn dust to become gold.

  4. Good health: It doesn’t matter how smart or intelligent a man is, without good health you will achieve but little. The word of God wish you good health so that you can prosper in other things, try everything you can to be healthy, health is wealth.

  5. The word of God: If you do not know the word of God you cannot know him, and if you don’t know God you cannot know yourself because you are hidden in him, your explosion is in God identification, if you don’t know him by his word it will be hard for you to discover yourself, 

  6. Good company: – You can never be better than whom you believe, show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. show me your direction and I can tell you your destination show me your company and I will predict your destiny, success can be determined by the company you keep you can’t keep thiefs as friends and plan to be a saint.

  7. Geographical location: – Every business demands a Particular location you don’t bring to people what you like; you give them what they need if you really want to make money from people.

  8. Be instant: – Slow and steady win the race, but a man without a station misses opportunities. have a place where people can access you when they need your service.

  9. Be organizing: – Until you arrange for something people always go for something better than what they have therefore always have a place for rebranding and packaging.

  10. Save and invest; saving handle your challenges while investment increase your income. Joseph said to pharaoh save parts of your food these seven years of plenty to take care of the seven years of scarcity. 


To be rich or to be successful in life is simply knowing how to maximize your potentials or mental ability to produce and market your productivity.