Say no to Political youths abuse

Say no to political youths abuse today!




Since the beginning of politics youths have suffered terrible inhuman treatments by the hands of political aspirants, from the village councilors to the presidency.





Youths being the great power engines of every nation and the most populated among human, the world greatest king makers, knowing the importance of the youths, the politicians refused to allow justice to set them on their desired political offices through fair elections by using every means possible to pollute and corrupt the youths, they use money, fake promises and turne the youths to political thugs, political killers, political thieves and so on, but immediately they assume offices the first thing they do is to dump those same youths they used to get to their desired offices, they ensure the youths are greatly frustrated and dependent on them by not providing them with the jobs as promised, so that when next they aspire, the youths will come out and serve them as planned.




Fellow youths, no politicians ambition is worth your blood or that of your fellow youths or any misconduct, never give yourselves to fight, kill or cause havocs for any politician all because of the fake promises they made and the little money they give at the time of their political campaigns, all these they do because their ambitions are not true but deceptive, they do everything within there powers to win at all cost and immediately they assume office they dump you.



Consider American soldiers, when any of them die in battle he is greatly honored and declared a national hero, but what about the political thugs? When they are killed on accounts of a politicians ambition, they are not even notice talk less of mentioning their names at any of their political meetings for remembering

There’s no politician who has never made ¬†promises of bringing heaven on earth if only they are elected to office, but immediately they are elected, they call only their close friends and families and celebrate the foolishness of those youths who sacrificed their lives for their victory.

It’s only if we the youths of all nations will cease from selling our lives, votes and nations to the politicians that a man sent by God with a true mandate will assume leadership and chenge communities, States and the nations. Before we can bring about these chenges, each and everyone of us especially youths, should correct and change the mentality of the man in the mirror.