Causes of mesotholioma

What are the causes of mesotholioma?











According to reports, mesotholioma cancer kills over 1000,000, one million people annually.

The danger is that: mesotholioma is not common to contact as other diseases, and many over the world don’t know about this cancer, and this mesotholioma when contacted, kills within months, unlike other cancers, and even if contacted, it’s symptoms are mostly misunderstood for other diseases.







Many expose themselves to mesotholioma daily unknowingly to them in the following ways:

  1. Pollutions

  2. Smoking

  3. Toxic alcoholic consumptions



A wise man when he sees that which can kill him, run for his dear life, but a fool make the hungry lion his pet.


Mesotholioma according to research, affect three key parts of the body,

1. The heart. it develops inside the linings of the heart.

2. The lungs. it develops inside the lungs.

3. Abdomen. it develops inside the abdomen.

And when it fully developed, the patient, start experiencing, serious chest pains, abdominal pains, drastic weight loss, and change of skin completion, and mostly these symptoms are mistaken for other common related issues, but mind you, cancer pass cancer.




At the time these symptoms start manifesting, if not followed with early treatment, the patient may not last another year.

But as mentioned earlier, those living in polluted places are open to this infection, but smokers has even higher chances of contacting mesotholioma cancer, one common symptom for a smoker to know he has contacted mesotholioma cancer is, through the coughing of blood and very painful chest pain.

Please be wise, avoid mesotholioma cancer the best way you can.




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