Destroyers of World Greatest Men

The world has produced great men of value who single handedly changed the history of time

History has recorded renowned men of great authority who were at a point indestructible by men or god’s, men that other men worshiped as god’s with kingdoms under their rule yet where destroyed by nothing but powerless women.

Men Greatest Destroyer

It’s common today that when a man has some spiritual or leadership authority men consider him to be indestructible by man especially when he build a very strong security around him.

Since the beginning of creation all great men has one claim in  common that no man born of  woman can destroy them, and they all have forgotten that if that which is born can’t destroy then that which bring forth that which can’t destroy can destroy herself.


Let look at the brief history of the fall of two most powerful men who walk this earth before you and i that were seduced and destroyed by women.

1. Adam;

Adam the first man was the world greatest man that ever lived, he was the world most anointed man by God. 

But despite all the glory Adam command he could not resist the seductive charm of Lucifer through Eve.

We must note. Aside from Eve the couldn’t have gotten Adam to fall by eating that forbidden fruit.

After a long debate the devil had with Eve, Eve became convinced and immediately agreed to represent the devil before Adam. 

And by the injection of seduction in the heart rob of Adam, Adam became helplessly deceive by the devil through Eve and eat the forbidden fruit that led to his fall. 

Among all the Kings that have ever raigned, David was the most powerful among them all. With his bare hands, he killed both a lion and a bear, and with a single stone he killed Goliath of Philippines. 

David was the most anointed King that have ever lived. 

He was the only King the God of all creation ever loved with His heart. 

But a day came according to scriptures, that the great King who was surrounded by many concubines who were ever ready to serve his majesty the King saw a married woman filled with the spirit of seduction by the devil against the King, because of the hatred Lucifer had towards King David because of the love God had for him. 

After the King saw the nakedness of this woman who was filled with seduction and lust due to the long absence of her husband who was on the battle field of the Kings battle, the King could not help but fell for the seduction and sinned against God  and was denied the opportunity to build the house of God and suffered unspeakable family crisis. 

Secret to Success

If you must be successful in all your doings, you must watch out for the devils traps through women and if you can overcome their seductions, you are half way successful, don’t be the next to fall.