The Blind and Selfish leaders

Who are the blind and selfish leaders?




His watchmen are blind they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs they cannot bark: Sleeping, laying down loving to slumber        



Looking at the happenings today i have come to understand why the Lord according to scriptures is so displeased with Christian leaders.

The Church of God that was meant to be a house of prayers and refuge has these days become a den of thieves with high profile criminals who disguised as messengers of the living God, while they are but agents of Lucifer, sent to distract, refocus and deceive the people who’s hearts are longing for God 


Leadership Task

One of the top leadership task is to defend the well being of those you are leading.

It’s highly expected of the leader to be the voice of his subjects John 

To lay down his life for his subjects

But the moment the shepherd is using the sheeps that are under his watch as shields against the enemies arrows and began to feed and get fat from the milk of the sheeps while the sheeps starve from hunger and wonder abroad in search of food, i tell you a fact, that Shepherd is not what he claimed to be but a hireling one who does not own the sheeps 



If these so called Christian leaders today were the real shepherds as the Bible said, this is the time they would have stand up as one voice to defend their people, but instead they send their families abroad for safty and buid heavy security around them and look away from the vandalisms of Christian’s lives and properties.


When its comes to Prophet TB. Joshua and other anointed men of God who are not in agreement with things they do, they immediately go on air, on news stations, youtube, facebook, google, twitter on so on to peach against them with claims that they are saving the sheeps from destruction, but what about those evil politicians and the people killing Christians under political cover and religion, should political crisis as they claim affect only Christians? Today even the media has lost count of the killings in Nigeria, especially in Benue and Jos Plateau state of the nation.

I want to ask you Christian leaders a question please, can you say your are truly from God?

Because if you were from God as you claimed you would have honored the words of the prayers of Jesus Christ your Lord in You fight each other, call others names, avoid one another which is against the teachings and prayers of Jesus Christ Himself.


If no one has told you right now according to the words of Christ i tell you sir/ma that with attitudes, you are fake and not from God. unless your god has told you that those evil politicians and killers of the body of Christ are now better than the fellow Christians, honestly I’m highly disappointed and ashamed of you. We the younger generation have learned nothing positively from you except hatred against our brethren and extravagant living which is against the God you preach and his Christ.


Brother TB. Alex