Herdmen attacks

Who are the herdsmen?

In almost every part of the nation of Nigeria, herdsmen have lunch attacks, killing hundreds and displacing thousands out of there own communities, but one thing most people don’t know is who these herdsmen truly are.









When you ask a group of 5 consigning herdsmen in Nigerian, one will answer that another this, and at the end you will have nothing to write down over the attacks,

Yes the government has being on the side of these herdsmen so we claim, but is that true, is the government on the side of herdsmen?






The fact is, most of these herdsmen are not Nigerians, and according to government rules, it’s the responsibility of the government to protect it’s citizens and aliens, to ensure full protection of lives and properties of the both.

Now another key policy is that, the complainer is mostly considered the peace ambassador.

And two things we most consider are:

  1. Most of these herdsmen are not citizens of Nigeria and must be fully protected by the government.

  2. Since they are always the first to run to the government, they are considered, according to law, the peace seekers.





It doesn’t matter the religious background of these herdsmen, one of their applaudable attributes is that, they are united as one man, which is one lesson i was hopping the Christians, who happened to be the most targeted group should learned.

Instead they are very busy fighting one another on facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest even on youtube over members, money, position and things that are not even trasseble in the Holy scriptures.




What these herdsmen really want is best known to them, because killing and displacing of people from one community to another shows that what they are after is more than grazing land.

But whatever they are after, I’m very sure they will surely succeed if Christians will fail to put aside their deference and come together as one man with one voice, nothing will stop the herdsmen.





We have a video record of a Prophet of God, who spoke on the effect of Christians disunity in the world, especially Nigeria, please remember to leave your contributions after watching the video.