Thousands of youths die from hard drugs daily

Is there any future for our youths?  (drugs)


The blessings and success of every nation is first in the success and well being of her youths, but the moment the youths are polluted, the nation automatically become sick.

In our generation today, one cannot say our nations are successful, or are going to be better, judging at the current waywardness of our youths.

Today about 70% of our youths are captured or have become slaves to hard drugs, like tramor, cocaine, marijuana, alcoholic drinks and so on, and through these drugs many had and are becoming shadows of themselves.

Many had dropped out of schools, some refused to be schooled or undergo training of any kind, not because they don’t want to, but because of the drugs effects, which has and is still turning many of them into partial madmen, taughts, thieves, rapist, suicide bombers, to mention but a few.

Looking at the current state of our youths now, it’s very hard for the world today to boast of the future anymore, hard drugs has not only stolen the future of our youths but increased the rate of crime to a very high level that has never being recorded in time past.






These hard drugs are some of the highest killers we have today, as hundreds of youths die weekly, at the account of hard drugs overdose.

If the future is destroyed, what can the people do? The future we pray for, is nothing else but the youths of all nations, we must not relent, all hands must come together, both poor or rich, black or white to fight this war against hard drugs, we need nations like USA, Spain, Russia, Jamaica, China, Nigeria and other nations under hard drugs bruterlity to wake up to this war against hard drugs, together i believe our youths (future) will be saved.


Please leave your comments down on how you think our youths should be rescued from hard drugs, your ideal matters.