Helping Children to Learn

As a child grows, he learns partially from what he is taught.

Knowledge and skills he learn in school may help him to understand and do more later. School is important.

But a child does most of his learning at home. He learns by watching, listening, and trying for himself what he sees others do. He doesn’t learn much from what people tells him, but from carefully watching their acts and following after.

Most important things a child can learn such as; kindness, responsibility, and sharing can only be taught by setting a good example for him to copy and follow .

A child learn through adventure, he need to learn how to do things for himself, even though he makes mistakes. When he is young , protect him from danger but as he grows, help him learn to care for himself. Give him some responsibility, respect his judgement, even if it differs from yours.

When a child is young, he thinks mostly of filling only his own need, but as he grows, he discovers the deeper pleasure of helping and doing things for others, encourage the help of children and let them know how much it means to you.

Children who are not afraid ask many questions, especially if parents or teachers take time to answer their questions clearly and honestly. A child will keep asking questions and as he grows may look forward to making his community a better place for himself and others.

Brother TB. Alex has being using his ministry to reach out people who are deformed mentally, especially children and has change many live already. You can reach him by leaving your details.